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Name Assignment Phone Email
Sweeten, Michael Principal 503-785-8200
Engstrom, Rachel Vice Principal 503-785-8200
Barry, Lynn Dean of Students 503-785-8200


Name Assignment Phone Email
Sarah Nelson Counselor 503-785-8200
Kelly Shelton Counselor 503-785-8200


Name Assignment Phone Email
Bedortha, Jill Principal's Secretary 503-785-8200
Gray-Caruthers, Tracy Attendance Secretary 503-785-8200
Peters, Caryn Registrar / Guidance Secretary 503-785-8200
Vanderpool, Micki Health Room Secretary II 503-785-8200
Fransen, Lori Library 503-785-8200

Certified Teachers
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Name Assignment Email
Altiero, Ben Social Studies
Anderson, Jessica Math
Archer, Tami Health / P.E.
Chandler, Lori  6th grade
Clark, Byron Social Studies
Collard, Chris P.E.
Eagles, Scott 6th grade
Eckels Anderson, Chessa Science
Finck, Teresa P.E.
Foz, Alex 6th grade
Guelsdorf, Krisitn Math
Hancock, Andrew Choir
Henigan, Greg Science
Kilmer, Michelle Health / P.E.
Kinast, Allen Woodshop / Art
Kramer, Dara 6th grade
Lau, Dan 6th grade
MacKenzie, Lori 6th grade
Mathiot, Elizabeth Science
McCormick, Megan 6th grade
McEachran, JoAnn Math
McNamara, Deirdre ELD
Nagel, Liz Case Manager
Nicolas, Angeline Bilingual
Nordstrom, Lisa School Psychologist
Olson, Lynn Math
Orcutt, Kelsey Spanish
Palaoro, Maureen ERC
Peterson, Stephanie Case Manager
Quezada, Natalia English / Language Arts
Reeder, Tami Social Studies
Rizzo, Cheryl Band
Robinson, Anthony Math
Rock, Keely Bilingual
Schroeder, Angela Social Studies
Smithpeter, Kathy 6th grade
Spahn, Dawn SLC
Strasser, Jeannette Science
Tebon, Danielle English / Language Arts
Waite, Lindsay 6th grade
Wheat, Cassidy English / Language Arts
Yoshiwara, Shannon English / Language Arts
Yotsuya, Melissa Speech / Language

Instructional Assistants

Name Email
Bolan, Lisa
Carlson, Donna
Carscallen, Lisa
Davey, Marianne
Giraldo, Jessica
Hanson, Adam
Lodholz, Gail
Pass, Tim
Pellatz, Janet
Poyser, Vicki
Smith, Lori
Sovde, Kerry

Food Service

Name Email
Bayless, Marlene
Burnett, Dianne  
Gonzalez de Orozco, Martha  
Harris, Tamma  
McDonald, Kathy  
Seward, Debbie  


Name Email
Morgan, Deborah
Flores, Juan