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Counseling Department


Online Forecasting for 2019-20 School Year

As school counselors, we spend our time working mainly in five main content areas as defined by the Oregon Department of Education’s Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling Framework: Guidance Curriculum, Individual Planning, Responsive services, System Support and Integrations, and Student Advocacy. In other words we help students Learn to Learn (Academic Development), Learn to Live (Personal-Social Development), Learn to Work (Career Development) and Learn to Contribute (Community Involvement Development).

We love building partnerships and working closely with the families of Gardiner Middle School students and the Oregon City School District staff to help facilitate and implement our Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling Program. Please do not hesitate to call or email with any concerns you have regarding your student. We are here to help students and parents through this exciting and challenging times of transition.

Meet our Counselors:

Sarah Nelson meets with students on the Deschutes, Columbia and Clackamas Teams

Kelly Shelton meets with students on the Rogue, Willamette and Salmon Teams

Deschutes Columbia Clackamas Rogue Willamette Salmon
*McCormick *McEachran *Kinast *Mackenzie *Yosh *Henigan
Eagles Strasser Olson Foz Archer/Cooper Clark
Smithpeter Collard Anderson Finck A. Schroeder Quezada
Chandler Wheat Altiero Waite Anderson Robinson
Rock LaDouceur Kilmer Loreto Duran Matiot Guelsdorf
  Orcutt Palaoro   Pike Hancock
  McNamara S. Schroeder   Nicolas Kramer

For more information visit our About School Counseling page and our Resources page. 

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